How we farm

We proudly grow our vegetables with the highest standards. We are not certified organic, instead we follow and go beyond all organic practices. The certification is too cost prohibitive for our small farm at the moment. 

  • We don't use any pesticides or any other synthetic chemicals.
  • We farm no-till and grow on permanent beds, which means we minimize soil disturbance to allow the living soil food web to thrive.
  • We are human scale and farm without a tractor.
  • We use locally sourced compost and homemade natural fertilizers for fertility.
  • We love cover cropping to improve soil structure.
  • We minimize the use of single use plastics in our production and packaging.
  • We plant hedgerows of native plants and wild flowers to increase biodiversity on the farm.

If you have any questions on how we farm, feel free to send us an email!