The farm

A small-scale ecological farm specializing in organic Asian vegetables.

Cultivating a quarter acre in Perth, Ontario, Bao Bao Farm aims to foster biodiversity on the farm and bring cultural diversity to the local farmer’s market. Using no-till and biointensive methods with mostly hand tools, the farm produces a variety of culturally significant Asian vegetables, as well as seasonal staples. Bao Bao Farm will be serving the Parkdale Night Market on Wednesdays and the Perth Farmers Market on Saturdays.

Bao Bao Farm is located on the traditional territory of the Wendake-Nionwentsïo, the Algonquin and the Anishinaabeg peoples. 


The farmer

Shini approaches farming with compassion for the planet and deep love for foods that remind her of Home — Japan and China.

Shini’s roots were planted in Japan by her Chinese parents before moving to Canada. While living in Toronto, she wanted to support local food systems by shopping at farmers markets, however she was disappointed to find a lack of Asian representation in both food and farmers at the markets. She felt compelled to fill the gap with locally grown foods that she loves to eat and that resonate with her and her community.

Shini started Bao Bao Farm in 2021 with the goal to serve local, fresh, pesticide-free veggies that are culturally relevant to the community. Growing East Asian crops is a way of reconnecting to her heritage and culture. She hopes to reclaim the narrative around East Asian crops and foodways via farming and sharing cooking tips.

Starting the farm from ground up without formal training or generational wealth is challenging and fulfilling. She seeks to pull out a chair for aspiring BIPOC farmers at the farming table by sharing her journey and learnings on her social media.

Shini holds an undergraduate degree in Math and Engineering from Queen’s University. She applies her strong system thinking and analytical skills to run her farm business efficiently. When not farming, Shini enjoys making art, geeking out over sustainable building designs and lying down on the ground.